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Are there Codes of Conduct to follow?

Yes, there are Terms & Conditions to agree to before your membership is activated:

- Absolute discretion is required, do not talk about the Club at the Venue, nor on social media. You are required to arrive at least 30 min before the show starts to pick up your tickets or you may not be admitted.  You must show your booking confirmation to the box office staff and not dispute your tickets/ seats.

- Reliability is crucial! You must attend all events you have booked, and inform the office if you have to cancel a booking, otherwise your file will be suspended.

- You are fully responsible that your guests comply with our Terms and Conditions.

- Please support the Production and Venue by purchasing a programme and drinks at the bar. Never consume drinks or food brought with you inside the venue.

- APPLAUSE  Members are expected to put their hands together and make a loud clapping noise, this is much appreciated by the Cast!

- Please do write a constructive review on our site after the show and tell all your family and friends about the shows and concerts you have attended not mentioning the complimentary ticekts.

Does The Audience Club keep my credit card details?

NO. Your card details are collected by Sage Pay payment system and are never seen nor retained by The Audience Club. You CAN store your card details  with Sage Pay for faster payments

Sage Pay payment system is a secure on-line payment portal which is independent to the Audience Club and is one of the UK's largest secure online payment provider. 

If you are using tablets, iPads and smart phones  you may encounter problems with payments if you are not in strong WI-FI as Sage Pay deem this insecure. Please use Alternative browsers to Google Chrome such as Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

Why am I getting an invalid card number or invalid card type message?

Check that you are entering the card number without any spaces. Switch and Solo cards may have an 8 digit number printed on them. Sage Pay require the long number across the centre of the card.

Why has my credit/debit card been refused?

If you receive the message "authorisation on that payment type has been declined by the bank" your card issuer has refused to authorise your card. Sage Pay does not generate this message, and you will need to contact your card issuer to find out why it has been refused. You should check you have entered the following credit card data correctly:

Expiry Date

Valid From Date

Issue Number, etc.

Your card issuer may inform you that they have authorised the payment, but are awaiting an authorisation code from the merchant. This is known as a referral and cannot be authorised for online payments. In this case, you should try your card again or use a different card.

Is there a fee for joining the Club?

We ask for a DONATION to our Annual Charity the name  is posted on the website -  AC  DOES NOT take this money,  it is put into the Charity Donation Pot and together  with monies not claimed by members  one year after their membership has expired is given to charities.

We do however ask you to donate £5.00 which is given to the Charity we support, for 3 years we  supported Kidney Research Charity  to the tune over the years of £40,000 and  in  2012- 2013 Marie Curie Cancer Care,  £20,000.

For 2014 we supported  the  Macmillan Nurses who work to support people with cancer. £20,000.

In 2015  we  supported   Mousetrap Productions Charity with £20.000  that  takes children to the theatre but they were very ungrateful and  demanded their  money early and we will never support them again.

In 2016 we suported  Cancer Reseach as a charity as it is so close to so many people's hearts. £25,000

For 2017 we   supported...MIND  the mental health charity. by given them £20,000

Fror 2018  we are supporting Prostate and Ovarian Cancer charities


for 2019 it's BLISS  and PDSA 

Does the Audience Club give money to Charities?

Yes,  when a Show is a Charity Benefit  then  we do not charge our admin fee and  ask all members attending  to give this as a donation to the Charity night.

For the past four years  we have  supported Kidney Research - giving them £20,000.00 in total. In 2012 we  changed  to The Marie Curie Nurses and Hospice for Cancer Care.  From 2014  we have changed to the Macmillian Nurses who support people with cancer. 1n 2015 we supported Mousetrap which takes children to the theatre.2015/16  we  supported  Cancer Research and 2017/18 it was MIND  see the charity section on the website.

our current charity is two in a duel arrangement 

orchid for prostate cancer and overian trust 

saving women’s lives 

Whenever a new member joins, their donation of £5.00 goes directly to the charity fund. and we remit this to the Charity once a year.  Also, members can - and do! - make additional donations via the club website.

We have also supported  Movember for Prostate Cancer, Heart Foundation, Denvillle Hall the home  for Elderly Actors and Womens Day, all  on a regular basis. Save the pangolins, Battersea dogs and cats home

Horses in danger.

What if I have problems logging onto the site?

Please check that you are using the email address you used to register and your chosen password (do request a password reminder which will be sent to your email address). If you continue to have problems check that your internet connection is working, push refresh, or the F5 Key or try again a little later.

Can I become a member immediately?

No, currently we have a waiting list and it takes approximately 3 -4 months until memberships become available. You will then be sent an invitation email with instructions how to join. This needs to be done within a month of recieving it.

You need to put your email address on the waiting list.  Please ensure you added  in to your list of contacts or list of 'safe email addresses' to ensure your invitation email will reach you; otherwise your spam filter or firewall may screen it out.

Can I rejoin the club if my membership has expired

Yes, your email address stays in our database. So just email us at and we will reactivate your membership account.  We have a new rule now that members  files will be blocked from renewal  unless they book and attend 5 shows a year.

If you did not have  a photo on your file then you will need to  email us one so that we can add it to your Details before reactivation. It needs to be a clear photo of just your face with no accessories. A little like a pasport photo.

Can I be notified by text alert about a show?

Yes, Texts cost just 10p each and are for shows that have a waitlist only.  If all tickets are taken for a show, you can add your name to the waitlist. If you have opted in for text alerts we will send you a text and email to notify you of availability.

All members are notified by email and text (if mobile no. listed) for a cancellation of a show.

Adding a photo to your Audience Club personal file

Members are obliged to have a passport style photo of their face on their  file for ID at the box-offices.  Joint members need one photo of both  their faces together with no accesories (hats, sunglassses).

Go to 'My Account' where you can  load up your picture.  If you have any problems with  entering the pictures just email them to us on  and  we  will enter them for you.

If you do not have a digital photo you can  post us a spare passport or driving license picture - write your name lightly on the back and  we  will scan it in  to your file and return your picture. We do not have any sinister agenda to  asking for photos,  they will be stored only in your files.

Your photo will be on your confirmation when you book a show so that you can print it out to take with you.  We often have to give out tickets at venues and need to find members so photo id helps us.

Members can also show us /box-office their confirmation on their smart phone at the venue. We suggest that you take a screen shot/ photo of your confirmation on your smart phone when you are in wifi area so that you can  just open your photo stream when you  get to the venue.

Non members cannot see the shows that we have on the theatre ladder  and so no one can see your picture.  They are NOT published on the internet and they are purely so that we can identify members and put the faces to the names. It is just your membership id for ticket collection.

Having your tickets linked with your friends tickets

Sorry, we  cannot arrange for you and your friends to  sit together and please do not ask the box office to do this. Remember the tickets you are being given are complimentary and so we  want you to pick them up 30 mins early  so that members are not picking up tickets at the same time as the paying public.

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