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Welcome to The Audience Club      London's Best Kept Secret!

Are you an adventurous theatregoer who likes to see brand new shows?


Being part of this Theatre Club means that you discover new venues all over London and enjoy being part of first nights and previews of plays and concerts.  We are offering Free Membership (you pay just £5.00 to our chosen charity).


What’s the secret?


Simply this: Producers and Venue Managers give the Club a limited amount of complimentary tickets.   We ask you to tell all your friends and family about the shows to thank them and because your word of mouth publicity promotes the shows and everybody has a good time!  You pay a small per ticket admin fee to confirm each booking that pays for the club’s administration costs.


And it's not just plays – we have tickets for musicals, concerts and cabarets, operas, dramas, comedy stand-up, burlesque, dance; even films and family shows. On the Fringe, in the West End, and throughout London and outer London too!


Shows are offered on a fast-fill basis so you will need to be a flexible person who likes to go to shows on the spur of the moment.  Our online booking system is fast and easy to use and we are constantly adding new shows.


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