Terms & Conditions

  1. Members and their guests MUST be discreet and NOT MENTION the Club inside any venue or talk to other patrons about these privileged complimentary tickets. All rules apply to Members and to their guests.
  2. Members must pick up the tickets 30 minutes before the start time of the show by showing their confirmation to the venue boxoffice and they must be responsible for their guest’s behaviour at all times.
  3. Tickets are subject to availability. You are not able to choose seats. Box-office staff assign tickets. If you do not pick-up your tickets from the box offices 30 minutes before a show then you are not guaranteed to be seated. Only the members on our guest list will be given tickets. The Director of the Audience Club reserves the right to suspend membership if the member has not behaved in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  4. Members agree that they will be respectful and polite to theatre staff at all times, not disputing the allocated tickets and not demanding any alternatives. Any member disregarding this rule will have their membership suspended and their membership fee will not be refunded.
  5. The Audience Club exists in order to fill seats for New Shows. If you book seats and then need to cancel please refer to the Audience Club website for cancellation instructions.
  6. Members must TURN OFF MOBILE PHONES DURING ALL SHOWS AND CONCERTS. Every Venue requests you to respect their performance from start to finish. Putting it on silent and texting during a show is also not acceptable.
  7. Members agree NOT to mention Audience Club shows, admin fee, venues on the Internet or any type of media, forum or social network sites including all blogs, Facebook, Twitter. Immediate suspension of membership will occur.
  8. Members with Classic/Understudy Membership can book two tickets to any one show. Members with Prestige can book four tickets to any one show. Matinee and evening shows can be booked on the same day if time allows.
  9. Member’s names are notified to the venue. The Audience Club is not responsible for the venue personnel’s use of this information. The Audience Club will not reveal or sell your personal details from the Audience Club Database.
  10. In some unforeseen circumstances the theatre may not be able to honour The Audience Club's bookings. We will refund your admin fees and notify you by email immediately.
  11. Members are NOT permitted to sell complimentary tickets, which are traceable and will result in the cancellation of the Club Membership without refund. The Director also has the right to refuse membership renewal and to suspend membership and her decision is final.
  12. Payments are made online using a credit card or debit card through Sage The Audience Club does not retain any Member's card details. An Admin Fee is charged to cover Club running cost and is NOT refundable.
  13. The Audience Club is not responsible if the Member incurs an injury or accident whilst at the theatre/place of performance. Any incidents must be reported directly to the venue.
  14. The Kitty Payment system lets you book tickets quickly and can be activated with units of £5.00. It is fully refundable to you at the end of your subscription or any time during your membership.
  15. Members must ensure their contact details, i.e. Address, Telephone numbers and Email address are kept up to date at all times. See MY ACCOUNT tab on top of all members pages.
  16. To Cancel a Membership please email to membership@theaudienceclub and we will refund the balance of your kitty to the credit card that you paid with, via Sage
  17. Members are required to read these Terms and Conditions and to be advised that The Director can add additional T&C’s as required.

Effective Jan 1st 2013